Breaking It Down

Breaking It Down

Breaking it down

The SPSA offers Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon student member’s access to our Student Advocate who is well versed in Saskatchewan Polytechnic Policies, due process, and regulations. The Student Advocate is here to assist, advise and advocate on behalf of students who are facing concerns or complaints that have a negative impact on their academic standing, or to aid in non-academic dispute resolution.

Some examples where you may want to utilize this service include being required to discontinue, being put on academic probation, receiving grades on exams or assignments that you do not agree with, or addressing concerns within the institution. 
The goal of the advocate is to help promote mutual understanding, facilitate effective communication, and resolve and address issues at the most informal level possible.

Important Factors

Important Factors

  • Time is a factor.  Please seek help as soon as possible as timeliness may provide you with more options. 
  • People appealing a decision maintain their status as a student until the process is considered complete.
  • Most academic and non-academic decisions can be challenged.
  • Students have the right to have a support person present at any meeting with a representative of the institution.  For example; an instructor, program head or dean, or member of Senior Administration.
  • This service is available 12 months of the year.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Policies

For a full listing of Sask Polytech policies

Some policies worth knowing are:

Academic Progress
Evaluation of Student Learning
Grade Appeal
Grading System and Student Promotion
Guidelines for Addressing Student Concerns
Reasonable Accommodations
Student Appeal
Student Conduct
Supplemental Exams

If you are unsure as to which policy may apply to your situation, or if you would like guidance in understanding/navigating policies, regulations or due process - please contact the advocate directly.  All conversations are confidential, and no action or representation is taken without the student(s) explicit permission.

To view any of these, or for a full listing of Sask Polytech policies, click here.