Student Clubs


The SPSA provides support to students wishing to start or join a Club. A ratified Club will be provided services such as: advertising for events, booking space and funding opportunities. In order to promote or fundraise on campus you must be a ratified Club.

Why A Club?

Why a club?

“The Students’ Associations are recognized by Saskatchewan Polytechnic as the official group representing students on campus. They are responsible for representing the interests of their student members to other stakeholders and the coordination, implementation and delivery of a variety of services and programs to support students.  Groups of students are to form under the policies and guidance of the Students’ Association in accordance with the Agreement.  All on-campus, non-academic activities initiated by students must be coordinated through the Students’ Association to ensure alignment with the Agreement, appropriate Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Students’ Association policies and insurance.  The Students’ Association will not be held accountable for the activities of student groups who operate outside the boundaries of the Students’ Association policies.”  – Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the Students’ Associations Master Partnership Agreement.

What Is A Student Club?

What is a student club?

A Student Club is defined as a group of students registered in a program or department operated by or at Saskatchewan Polytechnic that has been ratified by the respective SPSA Campus Council.  This definition includes groups of students with a specific special interest who are registered in a program or department at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

How To Start A Student Club?

How to start a student club?

Any student group wishing to be considered for Student Club status must complete a Club's Ratification Package and submit it to their respective Campus SPSA Office. This package includes:

  • Club Constitution Form
  • Club Waiver Form
  • Club Financial Signing Authority Form

Upon receipt of the Ratification Package at the SPSA Office, the SPSA VP Campus will present the information to the Campus Council for review and approval.

How To Renew A Student Club?

How to renew a student club

Any Student Club wishing to remain a club after the academic year is complete must fill out a Re-ratification Form for their Club, and return it to their respective Campus SPSA Office. Re-ratification does not involve going to Campus Council.

Perks Of Being A Student Club

Perks of being a student club

Website Link:  Option of being listed on the SPSA website along with the contact information for interested parties.

Photocopying:  Have access to 50 photocopies per month, and may access this service through the SPSA Office.

Posters:  Offered 25 posters per month, created by the Student Club and printed by the SPSA upon approval by the SPSA in accordance with the Posting of Information Guidelines.  Student Clubs will be permitted to post advertising posters on the SPSA posting boards.

Training:  Access to basic training to assist in running meetings and keeping proper record of meeting minutes and decision items.

Event Planning:  Designated SPSA employees will assist Student Clubs in planning their events and will provide assistance in obtaining permits, insurance, security, licenses and in accessing Saskatchewan Polytechnic services in accordance with the Student Clubs’ Fundraising Events Policy.

Scanner:  Offered free space in the Campus Newspaper for advertising of events, promotion of Student Club and recruitment of members, after being approved by the designated SPSA employee in accordance with the Posting of Information Guidelines.

SPSA TV:  Permitted to advertise on the Campus Closed Circuit TV Comm. System after being approved by the SPSA in accordance with the Posting of Information Guidelines.

Display Cases:  May promote your Club through the use of the display cabinets, subject to campus availability.

Funding Opportunities:  Access to a one-time $100.00 startup fee.  Student Clubs will also have further opportunities to apply for grants and loans.

Tickets:  The SPSA Office will sell tickets for approved Student Clubs’ events.

Banking:  In accordance with the Banking for Student Clubs Policy, Clubs will receive on-campus banking through the SPSA Office.

Booking Space:  Student Clubs requiring space on campus for holding meetings, events, or activities may have space booked on campus through the SPSA Office who will work with the Facilities Department of Saskatchewan Polytechnic, based on campus availability.

Event Recognition: In accordance with the Student Clubs Fundraising Events Policy, Student Clubs will register their events through the SPSA.

Equipment Loans:  Student Clubs may access loaned equipment through the SPSA including audio visual aids, BBQ, camera, etc. based upon availability.  Student Clubs may also access the SPSA’s advertising boards for posting of information.

Volunteer Database: Student Clubs will have the ability to request assistance, through a designated SPSA employee to access SPSA volunteers to assist in set up, take down and running events and activities.

Grants & Loans:  Student Clubs have access to grants which are designed to encourage Student Clubs to become active and conduct activities to benefit members and the student body, build resources for the Clubs community, to enhance the Student Clubs experience and Student Club initiatives.  Student Clubs may be eligible for a repayable loan, which are designed to make cash available to get an activity off the ground.

Club Forms

Current Student Clubs

Current Student Clubs

Prince Albert

Practical Nursing 2016
Woodland Indigenous Plant Society (WIPS)
Aboriginal Activity Student Council (A.A.S.C)


Ag. Tech.
BE Adult 12 SRC
Food & Nutrition Management 2014-2016
Hotel & Resturant Management Class of 2016
Saskatchewan Institute of Power Engineers