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*Note - Some services may be campus specific.  Please see your SPSA Office for details.

Commissioner of Oaths/Notary Public

By appointment through the SPSA Office, the SPSA can notarize documents for students, staff and public.  Students can access this service free of charge with a valid Student ID Card, where staff and public are charged a nominal fee.

Fitness Memberships

The SPSA partners with Recreation Services in Prince Albert and Saskatoon. With a current Student ID Card you will have full access to the Weight Training and Aerobic Centres on Campus. Prince Albert and Saskatoon Campuses also have swim access at the Saskatoon Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre (HBAC) by showing your valid Student ID Card.  For further details, please contact your SPSA Office.

Moose Jaw and Regina students should see their respective Recreation Services Departments for more information.

NOTE - As of May 31, 2018, Saskatchewan Polytechnic abolished the Recreation Services Departments in Prince Albert, Moose Jaw and Saskatoon.  For more information, please click here.

Food Bank

Moose Jaw students are required to register with the Moose Jaw Food Bank. On their day of registration, they can pick up their hamper. Subsequent applications can be made through the SPSA Office. Because the Food Bank can only give out seven hampers per year, it is recommended that students have 30 days interval between applications.  

Prince Albert students can access Prince Albert Food Bank request forms through the SPSA Office.

The SPSA in conjunction with the Saskatoon Food Bank provides the opportunity for students to request and pick up food hampers at the Main Saskatoon Campus.  Information and request forms are available through the SPSA Office.  

Note - Starting October 1, 2017, the Saskatoon Food Bank will only deliver once a week (Wednesday) to the Saskatoon Main Campus and will deliver a maximum of 8 food hampers.

Good Food Box

The Good Food Box is an alternative, community based food distribution system that provides a variety of quality fresh fruits and vegetables for an affordable price.  Order and pick up a Good Food Box at the SPSA Office in Prince Albert or Saskatoon.

Prince Albert Campus Good Food Boxes:
Small - $17.00
Large - $27.00

Saskatoon Campus Good Food Boxes:
Basic Box - $24.00
Regular Fruit & Veggie - $17.00
Small Fruit & Veggie - $12.00
Mini Fruit & Veggie - $8.00
Fruit Box - $15.00
Snack Bag - $10.00
Sunshine Box - $30.00 (June 1 - October 31) - $20.00 (November 1 - May 31)

Housing Registry

Are you looking for a place to live?  Stop by the SPSA Office on your respective campus, visit our Online Housing Registry at: or give us a call to see what housing advertisements are currently available and close to Saskatchewan Polytechnic in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon. 

If you have a place to rent out, you can call or email us at the following contact information, or download the advertising form here.

Moose Jaw Campus
Adeyemi Williams
(t) (306) 691-8515
Prince Albert Campus
Fiona Siwak
(t) (306) 765-1709
Regina Campus
Crystal Gellner
(t) (306) 775-7823
Saskatoon Campus
Keli Jensen
(t) (306) 659-4421

Locker Rental Program

The Locker Rental Program is operated out of the SPSA Offices on behalf of Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  To rent a locker you will need a valid Student ID Card or photo identification and know approximately where you would like your locker.  Please note that lockers cannot be exchanged once rented.  All efforts will be made to accommodate your locker request.


Full LockerHalf Locker
1 Semester$20.00$10.00
2 Semesters$40.00$20.00
3 Semesters$60.00$30.00


*Prices as of July 1, 2017

Mail Service

Photocopying & Faxing

Photocopying Rates

Black and White

$.10/per page


$.25/per page

Faxing Rates

Sending Local

$.50/per page

Sending Long Distance

$1.00/per page


No Charge

Plotter Printing

Pre-paid Legal Consultation

A pre-paid legal consultation service is available through the SPSA Office.  Students are entitled to a free 1/2 hour legal consultation per academic year.  Appointments with the lawyer can be made at the SPSA Office in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina or Saskatoon.

Recreation Clubs/Courses

Clubs planned for this year at the Saskatoon Campus include:  River Kayaking and Scuba.  For further information, please contact Campus Recreation at (306) 659-4421 or visit:



The SAvivor program has been created to provide students in need with one breakfast and one supper once a month.  If you are in need of a couple quick meals to get you through until you can purchase groceries or receive a food bank hamper, stop by the SPSA Office in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina or Saskatoon to receive a SAvivor pack.

Short-term Emergency Loan

The SPSA Short-term Emergency Loan program is in place to help you cover expenses related to school so that you can continue your studies.  For specific information regarding these loans or how to apply, please visit the SPSA Office in Prince Albert or Saskatoon.

Access to the Short-Term Emergency Loan Program in Moose Jaw and Regina coming soon!

Student Clubs

Are you interested in starting up a club or perhaps even joining an existing club?  Stop by the SPSA Office in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina or Saskatoon to pick up a clubs ratification package or receive a list of on-campus clubs.

Student Resource Library

Student Resource Library

The SPSA Office in Prince Albert and Saskatoon have a variety of support and self-help books available for students to borrow on a short-term basis.  Topics include:

  • Planned and Unplanned Pregnancy
  • LGBTQ and Coming Out
  • Abuse - Physical, Emotional, Sexual, and Substance
  • Stress and Anxiety Management

For a full listing of the books available at each campus please click on one of the links below.  If there is a book you are interested in that is not found at your location, please talk to our staff and they will make it available to you.

Prince Albert Campus
Saskatoon Campus

Used Texbooks

The SPSA has a variety of used textbooks for sale at each of our offices.  If you are looking to purchase used textbooks, please stop by the office on your campus to have a look at our inventory.  Should you be interested in selling your textbooks on consignment through the SPSA, you can come into one of our offices with your textbooks, fill out a contract and leave the books in our office for up to one year at a time. 

Should you wish to fill out the used textbook contract online and email it to our office prior to coming in, click here.

Please note, is it up to the seller to set the price for their textbooks.

Various Funding Programs

The SPSA believes in encouraging quality campus life at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and as such may grant funding to students and/or groups to enhance their educational experience.  We offer both Cultural and Activity Grants.  For information on Grant specifics and how to apply, please see the SPSA Office.