How Do I Rent A Locker?

How Do I Get a Locker?

The Locker Rental Program is operated out of the SPSA Offices.  To rent a locker you will need a valid Student ID Card or photo identification and know approximately where you would like your locker.  Please note that lockers cannot be exchanged once rented.  All efforts will be made to accommodate your locker request.


Full LockerHalf Locker
1 Semester$20.00$10.00
2 Semesters$40.00$20.00
3 Semesters$60.00$30.00


*Prices as of July 1, 2017

What Does My Student Fee Cover?

What does my Student Fee cover?

Membership in the SPSA is compulsory for all full-time and part-time students; all students pay the mandatory fee.

1. Student Government Elections
2. Student Appeal Committee Hearing
3. Scholarships, Student Loans and Bursary Council
4. Saskatchewan Post Secondary Education Affordability & Accessibility Taskforce
5. Strategic Enrollment Management Committee
6. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Program Review Council
7. Strategic Plan Refresh Committee
8. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Harassment Prevention Committee
9. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Policy Review Committee
10. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Board of Directors
11. ASAP Steering Committee
12. Equity Awareness Committee
13. Various Saskatchewan Polytechnic & other committees as requested
14. Various National Conferences and Boards

1. Scanner - Student Newspaper
2. TV Communication System
3. City Maps
4. Campus Recreation Brochure
5. Various Informational Brochures for Students
6. Student Handbook/Day Planner
7.  ASK Poly App for iPhone and Android
8. Web Page - and Social Media Outlets
9. Campus Bulletin Boards
10. City Transit Information

1. Thirsty Thursday Pub Nights
2. Awards Night
3. Children’s Christmas Party
4. Fundraising for Charitable Organizations
5. Rider Trips
6. Ski/Board Trips
7. Blood Drives

1. Intramurals, Clubs and Classes
2. Athletic Team Supplies, Travel & Accommodations
3. Fitness & Weight Training Centres
4. Various Rental Equipment from Campus Recreation Stores

1.   Health & Dental Plan
2. Full-Time Student Advocate
3. Prepaid Legal Consultation Service
4. Fax and Photocopying Service
5. Food Bank, Good Food Box and SAvivor Programs (upon registration)
6. Clubs Program
7. Tutor and Housing Registries
8. Income Tax Service
9. Campus Coffee Shops (Henri’s/The Canteen)
10. Locker Rental
11. Short-Term Emergency Funding (upon approval of application)
12. Executive & Class Honorariums
13. Executive & Staff Travel Expenses to Conferences
14. Microwaves
15. Commissioner of Oaths/Notary Public
16. Cable Television in Lounge Areas
17. Cultural, Activity and Recreation Grants
18.   Entertainment Games
19.   Student Resource Library
20.   Vending Machine Refunds
21.   ATM's

*Note - Some services may be campus specific. Please see your SPSA Office for details.

Where Do I Pay Student Fees?

Where do I pay for my student fee?

All student fees are paid at the Accounting Office on your respective campus.

How Can I Access The Fitness Centres?

How can I access the fitness centre?

The SPSA partners with Recreation Services in Prince Albert and Saskatoon, providing students with access to the Fitness Centres on campus at no charge.  Moose Jaw and Regina students should see their respective Recreation Services Departments for more information.

Where Can I Find A Place To Live?

Where can I go to find a place to live?

Check out the SPSA Housing Registry at: or stop by your SPSA Office.

Am I Covered Under The Health & Dental Plan?

Am I covered under the Health & Dental plan?

Learn about the specifics of the Health & Dental Plan by clicking HERE or by visiting your Health & Dental Plan Office.

Can I Post Advertisements on Campus?

Can I post advertisements on campus?

Ratified campus Student Clubs can post information at no cost across the campuses.  Businesses who wish to post on campus are required to become a preferred advertiser for a nominal fee.  For information on becoming a preferred advertiser please contact, Ashley Poole at or call (306) 659-4340.  Note:  ALL posted advertisements on campus must obtain prior approval from the SPSA Office on campus.

How Can I Start A Student Club?

How can I start a student club?

Pick up your Student Club start up package at the SPSA Office in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina, or Saskatoon.

Where Can I Go If I Need Financial Assistance?

Where can I go if I need financial assistance?

The SPSA recognizes that as a student budgets tend to get a bit tight during the school year.  To help alleviate some of that stress we offer a Short-Term Emergency Loan Program.  These loans are in place to help you cover your expenses so that you can continue to attend school.  For specific policies and procedures or to apply for a loan, please visit the SPSA Office in Prince Albert or Saskatoon.

Access to the Short-Term Emergency Loan Program in Moose Jaw and Regina coming soon!

Where Can I Go For Legal Service?

Where can I go if I need legal advice?

Students are entitled to a free 1/2 hour legal consultation per academic year.  Appointments with the lawyer can be made at the SPSA Office in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina, or Saskatoon.

How Can I Access The Food Bank On Campus?

How can I access the Food Bank through the SSA?

Moose Jaw students are required to register with the Moose Jaw Food Bank. On their day of registration, they can pick up their hamper. Subsequent applications can be made through the SPSA Office. Because the Food Bank can only give out seven hampers per year, it is recommended that students have 30 days interval between applications. 

Students in Prince Albert may order food hampers through the SPSA Office, however hampers need to be picked up at the local Food Bank.

The SPSA Office in Saskatoon provides students the ability to order and pick-up food bank hampers on campus.
Note - Starting October 1, 2017, the Saskatoon Food Bank will only deliver once a week (Wednesday) to the Saskatoon Main Campus and will deliver a maximum of 8 food hampers.

How Do I Contact The Student Advocate?

Where can I go to access a student advocate?

The Advocacy Manager can be contacted via email at, or by phone at (306) 659-4345.